Newly Formed PMI BioPharma Solutions Announces Launch of Research Lab and Manufacturing Facilities Tailored to the Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry

NASHVILLE, Tenn., September. 13, 2018 – PMI BioPharma Solutions, officially formed in January of 2018, has established complete research and manufacturing operations at multiple sites located in both Nashville and Celina Tennessee. A fully qualified staff and state-of-the-art lab offer a near one-stop solution from targeted protein research to Phase III clinical trial supplies.

A privately held company, PMI BioPharma Solutions (PMI Bio) began as an internal research, development, and manufacturing site for Berg, LLC. PMI Bio has since spun off from Berg, LLC and expanded to offer a full range of research and development services that help clients meet the challenges associated with drug discovery and development.

PMI Bio’s protein sciences express and purify proteins and develop assays around protein targets using NMR, SPR, crystallography, ITC, (TR)FRET, and DSF to name a few. They provide high throughput library screens and design, develop and test drugs in vitro and in vivo. PMI Bio’s clinical trial production capabilities include bulk liquid manufacturing, aseptic fill and finish and non-aseptic fill and finish for small to medium-scale batches.

PMI Bio is currently navigating into the marketplace, specifically seeking clients needing expert protein-based research, as well as clients seeking flexible aseptic and non-aseptic product to support clinical trials. PMI Bio will be attending multiple trade shows to introduce itself to the research, development, and manufacturing community and display its range of research and manufacturing offerings.

“While PMI Bio can offer multiple research and development services for clients, our two distinct areas of expertise are fragment-based drug discovery services and aseptic manufacturing. PMI Bio also has years of expertise in nanosuspensions using microfluidization technologies. We believe we are well suited to provide competitive, flexible solutions across the drug development space,” said CEO David Sunseri, Ph.D.

About PMI BioPharma Solutions

PMI BioPharma Solutions offers manufacturing and aseptic fill & finish services along with protein science research services for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that seek to outsource individual projects, as well as engage in entire discovery campaigns. PMI BioPharma Solutions is especially positioned to provide comprehensive drug discovery support for small and virtual organizations. PMI BioPharma employs a highly skilled team of experienced professionals who can meet nearly any research or development challenge.


Mike Stenberg, Vice President, Business Development


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