Our 43,500 ft2 facility is located in Nashville, Tennessee, just a few miles from the heart of Music City. Our convenient location is five miles from Nashville International Airport and hotel accommodations, allowing for quick and painless site visits. We have both aseptic and non-sterile manufacturing areas, which are qualified for the intended use and meet FDA cGMP and EU requirements for preclinical, Phase I, and Phase II clinical trial drug products. The flow of personnel and materials through our facility has been carefully designed to minimize contamination and mix-ups, as well as, comply with applicable regulations.

Facility Breakdown

  • cGMP FDA/EU Approved Manufacturing Space – 4,400 ft2
  • Finishing Space (inspection, labeling, packaging) – 460 ft2
  • USP CRT Warehouse – 7,300 ft2
  • Refrigerated Storage – 400 ft2
  • Analytical Development – 2,400 ft2
  • Formulation – 700 ft2
  • Protein Sciences – 5,800 ft2
  • Administrative – 9,000 ft2
  • Warehouse – 10,300 ft2